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Madrid – Twin phenomenon

Researchers have identified that twelve areas of the DNA sequence are linked to age being a first time parent and family size which is recently published in Nature Genetics. This study is the first that shows that reproductive behavior is not only a mere personal choice, and/or a combination of social and environmental factors but there is also […]
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Sedentary time in 3 work settings

Quite a while we have been working on an article investigating sedentary behavior in 3 work settings and is this year published in PLOSone. The cross-sectional data was retrieved from the vitality in practice research program. All three studies were randomized controlled trials with baseline assessment and in each study a subgroup wore an accelerometer. The participants were from different […]

TANSNIP project

Just about 2 years, I am travelling back and forth to Madrid for the TANSNIP study. TANSNIP stands for Trans-Atlantic Network to Study Stepwise Noninvasive imaging as a Tool for Cardiovascular Prognosis & Prevention. The TANSNIP study is a collaboration between Mount Sinai New York, CNIC Madrid, Banco Santander and VU medical center Amsterdam. I am very lucky to […]
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