How is Group Dynamics rewarded by our clients?

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Scientific Evidence By CoFENDER
Group motivational interviewing was evaluated in a randomized controlled trial in a financial service provider. In this project, GMI was delivered by the teamleaders of the departments. The teamleaders received a two-day training by a GMI-professional. The trained teamleaders then gave three GMI-sessions of 90 minutes each to their own team, within a period of six weeks (i.e. three weeks between each session). Two months after the final session, a booster session was given by the teamleader. All sessions took place during work hours. The main aim of these sessions was to stimulate physical activity and relaxation. The teamleaders received a workbook for the GMI-training and a workbook for the GMI-sessions. Furthermore, a workbook for the employees was given as well. During the program, the teamleaders had another two GMI-coaching meetings of 90 minutes each, supervised by a GMI-professional, to share experiences with each other. The GMI-sessions were supported by a web-based social media platform.

A High Rating For The GMI Training (8.1) and an increase in task performance
The training in Group Motivational Interviewing among 25 teamleaders of a Dutch financial service provider was rated very high with a 8.1, on a rating scale from 0-10. After the training, the teamleaders continued with GMI, in four GMI sessions with their team. On average, employees followed 2.6 of de 4 GMI sessions and gave a rating of 7.0. Also, scientific evidence was demonstrated for an increase in task performance.

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